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Data not shown in html_add_success

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Data not shown in html_add_success
I am using;
  • friendly_html
  • short/long mod

When I add a record the add_success page does not have my data. It shows my html_long without data. I believe it has something to do with the way the $key_field is passed to the add_success page. I am not one to rush to submit a post. I have searched through all and found a few relevant posts, from that I checked a number of things. I have checked for missing/misspelled fields, replacing the .db file.

I have another problem that I believe is related to this one. When I attempt to modify a record it will bring up the record that needs to be modified in the proper html_record_form with all data correct although if I attempt to submit the modify it says no record found, but if I manually re-enter the key_field it will modify.

Here are links to my html & config files.



If anyone can help it would be much appreciated Smile

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Re: [don_son] Data not shown in html_add_success In reply to
i just figured out one more thing....

In the modify form, the key field has two extra spaces after the value. If I delete the spaces the modify will work. Does anyone know where these spaces would come from? Do I need to chomp?
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Re: [don_son] Data not shown in html_add_success In reply to
First you need to number your fields in consecutive order in your .cfg file.

This is very important! Starting with 0 and ending with 14 for your current setup.

It may help for you to visit JPDeni's DBMan tutorial and use her configurator to setup your .cfg and your html.pl display subs. http://jpdeni.com/dbman

Hope this helps

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