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DB design

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DB design
I would like to build a database for visitors at my site to add their info. The fields Iím thinking to add are:
First name
Last name
Email address
Telephone number
Last loc.
Current loc.

I donít want the users to register to add their entry to the database and the save goes when searching.
When the users add a record I want the entry to search against the database if the name or email address already exist. If the either exists I want a form to display the record and ask the users if this is he/she. If it is the user I want the user to update their record if not then they can register. I also want all new and update entry to be validate before available for viewing.

I not sure if I covered all the basis for this db regarding its design. So any input or reference information with be helpful.

With the following fields above, Iím looking for a rough estimate of the number of records require before seeing a slowness with the DB?.

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Re: [Huckle] DB design In reply to
In the FAQ you will find thread references to checking for duplicate records.

Under ADMIN section there is a mod which will bring the user to the modify form which will display the record.

Without having people signup and register a username and password, then anyone would have the ability to modify records, you might want to consider the signup so you can associate records to users.

There is a validation routine which will notify admin of new records and you then validate them prior to having them displayed to the public.

You can get many ideas and tips by spending some time looking through the FAQ. It's amazing how many other ideas you might come up with for your database.

With so little fields I'm sure you will be able to have thousands of records before having to worry about slowness due to the size of the database. As the readme file says it works great until the database is over 1 meg. and then you might see a difference. The slowness would also depend on how many tables you build within your displays, etc.

Hope this helps

Unoffical DBMan FAQ

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Re: [LoisC] DB design In reply to
Thanks for your input.

I will check out the FAQ and see how to enhance the planned DB.

One thing I would like to implement is to check if the visitor email address is valid before added to the DB. Can this be done?

Thanks again

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Huckle: Feb 27, 2002, 4:31 PM
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Re: [Huckle] DB design In reply to
Check out the secure password lookup mod.

The Resource Center has a list of many of the mods written and a small description of what it does.

Unoffical DBMan FAQ