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Can this be done?

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Can this be done?
Been using dbman for some time now, but what I want it to do now might be beyond it and only doable in relational database environments. But why not try and see if someone could help me with this.

If the database is structured like:

client1 | books | books1 | etc
client1 | books | books2 | etc
client1 | books | books3 | etc
client1 | video | video1 | etc
client1 | video | video2 | etc
client2 | etc

I want a listing first that says

client1 - books; videos

And only after I click 'books' here I want to see

client1 - book1
client1 - book2
client1 - book3

Can this be done?

Thanks for your time.

Bert Bulder, Amsterdam, NL

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Re: Can this be done? In reply to
Sure...via the Relational Mod linked in the Resource section and also referenced quite a few times in the DBMAN Customization Forum.


Eliot Lee
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Re: Can this be done? In reply to
I'm not positive if this is exactly what you are looking for but it may give you ideas. In the FAQ noted below check under the section "Viewing" for a thread called "Multi-tiered category list with a count".

I know this doesn't sound like what you want, but if you check that post, you will see how someone else modified their database to have tiered results.

You may want to check the other threads in that section also.

Hope this helps.

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