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Can I make dbman do this?

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Can I make dbman do this?
I am still in the process of determining how dbman will fit into my site. I would like to set up a supplier directory for the bottled water industry as follows:

1. The site will have a category-driven directory on the home page. Main category headings will show the total # of listings in brackets. Visitor will click on category to go to listings.

2. There will be a search box on home page to do a specific search by product, category or company name.

3. All visitors will be able to view listings without having to log in. Only registered supplier members with listings would have to log in to make changes to their listing.

Is this setup possible with dbman?
Thanks for your help.
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Re: [ceniti] Can I make dbman do this? In reply to
1) You can use the List Category with count mod for this.

2) You can create a custom or advanced search form and display this on your main page.

3) Yes, you can setup links and permissions to do what you need.

You can find examples, mods, and tips for doing these in the FAQ noted below. You can also visit http://www.jpdeni.com/dbman for the List Category mod.

Unoffical DBMan FAQ

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Re: [ceniti] Can I make dbman do this? In reply to
If you haven't done so already, take a look at Links2. For what you describe, this application may be a better solution.
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