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A performance question

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A performance question

I have nearly completed setting up a relational database and testing it on my server. It is working good.

What I want to learn from experienced users is, how many simulatenous connections are available for the dbman?

When more than one users do a search in the database in same time will there be data file corruption or hanging etc?

What is the practical limit of simulataneus connections to the database?

By the way my data files are not very big, about 200-300k.

Thanks in advance,

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If your data files aren't too big, there shouldn't be a problem.

Technically, only one person can access the files at a time, which sounds really bad. In practical terms, though, it shouldn't cause any problem, because access to the files only lasts a fraction of a second. When any command is sent to db.cgi, the program starts, the files are accessed and read or written, data for a new webpage is sent to the browser, and the program ends. While one person is looking at the data he just searched for, the program is no longer running for him at all, but is available for someone else to use.

If your files get to be big -- a Meg or more -- searches will noticeably slow down and users may end up in a queue.

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