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"default" appearing in a field ..

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"default" appearing in a field ..
The word "default" is appearing in the CollegeStreet field when you go to add or modify a record. Dont know why!

db_def has a bunch of lines, and this one #9:

CollegeStreet => [9, 'alpha', 40, 40, 0, '', ''],

No other fields, when left empty, show default, just item 9. ??

Any ideas on whats going on?
Thanks for your time!

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Re: "default" appearing in a field .. In reply to
Check the following line in default.cfg:

# Auth user field. This is the field position in the database used for storing
# the userid who owns the record. Set to -1 if not used.
$auth_user_field = 14;

The number listed there should be the field number for your Userid field in the configuration. If the number is accurate, still a couple things to check ... make sure your database fields are numbered sequentially, beginning with 0

ID => [0, 'numer', 5, 8, 1, '', ''],
Date => [1, 'date', 12, 15,1, &get_date,''],

If everything in those two areas are correct ... check the number of fields in your database file. If you added new/additional fields to the configuration after records were already in the database, you may have to fix your database to add place holders for the added fields in existing records.

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Re: "default" appearing in a field .. In reply to
Thanks Karen!

It was the auth field.

I appreciate your help. Thanks again! -Ropes