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"Use of uninitialized value" Error!

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"Use of uninitialized value" Error!
This is the problem I am having:
Once I log in, at the top of the main menu page I get the following error message: "Use of uninitialized value at auth.pl line 69"
That line corresponds to:
foreach (0 .. 3) { $permissions[$_] = int($permissions[$_]); }
In the auth.pl script.
FYI: I am using CGI-Wraps but I don't think that has anything to do with the Problem.
Could anyone help me?

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Re: "Use of uninitialized value" Error! In reply to
My best guess would be that you don't have your permissions set correctly in your .cfg file?

JPDeni has an excellent tutorial for DBMan which includes a section on setting permissions. http://jpdeni.com/dbman

Perhaps you can check your setting against the various setting she has listed.

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