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wat is flock

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wat is flock
I turned flock to 1 and i didn't get an error everything is working.
but if 2 user open a record and modify it there is no erro displayed like

stop sombody else is already working of this record

The last record who arives at the database is aded.

so i ask what is flock

ist there a mod that displayed an error if a record is allready open for modify it

(sorry for my bad english)


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Um this is from default.cfg

# Use file locking (1 = Yes, 0 = No). Should be used, but won't work on Win95.
$db_use_flock = 1;

flock then I guess means file locking, as in like you wrote, it's to prevent double writing to the database at the same time. Now, I don't understand perl and I'm not a programmer at all anymore, but since Alex wrote this script I don't think that DBMAN will let 2 people access the same data at the same time, since you should normally have only 1 admin and your user ID should prevent people from accessing somebody else's record if you have an open set up for your database.

I don't think there is a "2" option for using flock.

I hope that I haven't made a mistake about what I wrote here, but then again somebody who knows more just might correct me.

I hope that I've helped a little at least.

AHHH, just read another of your posts, you're going to have multiple Admins .... hmmm, then I guess unless there is a real mod out there that prevents a record being opened if it's already opened then you're going to run into the possiblity of Admin A correcting a record and Admin B correcting the same record as Admin A and who ever is the last to submit the change is the winner .....

have you checked other posts? the mod resource center? and the alternative faq resource center?


wish I could help .... sorry