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I use frames on my website and I'm looking for a way to list all of the members by playername in the left frame and have them target to the main frame when their link is clicked on. What I'd like is when a member adds their profile, it will also add their playername to the list in the left frame once their record is validated. I'd also like to have an image displayed next to their playername depending on their sex. I'm guessing this could possibly be done with the short/long display, but not sure.

I have the area of the website I'm talking about set up so you can see more what I'm talking about since It's kinda tough to explain. http://www.rainbowroomies.com/example/ (Scroll down a little bit to get to the lettered buttons. Click on them to list the names under that letter.)

As it is right now, I still have to add links to the left frame whenever someone adds their profile. I'd like to be able to have dbman do that as well and keep the look and feel of the website as it is to avoid confusing members with a completely different look.

Any ideas or suggestions?


btw, this is a non-profit website for members that play at pogo.com to post info about themselves. Smile

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