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shopping cart mod

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shopping cart mod
I installed the ORDINary shopping cart mod..it a great mod but i have a problem or two.

First, when the record are displayed after a search they are records from different companies that register their products or services on my database...there is a ADD TO CART button on each record...however has the CART MOD is now design, all the dispayed record can only be sent to one shop keeper. how can i cause the shopper to go a shop cart for that company only whose record was selected

In other word i would like to have a shop cart for each of the individual company records that are displayed


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Hi Everton,

A course suggestion from the top of my head: Save the order in the same way but when sending the order split up in different mails (the different mail addresses should be included in the order file)

1. Have a field 'shop_mailaddr' in your database.
2. Add this field in the concatenated string $order in sub html_record_long in htmp.pl
3. In sub sum_up_order in db.cgi you sort out the 'shop_mailaddr' in the foreach loop and store it in an array, something like
$shop_mail_addresse[lineno++] = $this_item[??];
4. In sub send_order in db.cgi you loop through the sub and replace To: $shop_email with something like To:$shop_mail_addresses[lineno] in the send part and vice versa in the confirmation part
You need to know how many lines there were in the order to be able to control the loop in send_mail.

The drawback of this is if you have ordered several different items from the same company there would be several mails to this company.

Probably there is a very complex solution to that Wink