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send record mod error

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send record mod error
I am trying to use the "Send_record mod" so I can have a copy of every newly added record sent to me via email. I am getting an error of "unknown action" when I hit the link in the html.pl file. Also, the send to email address will always be the same. What do I edit to lock in one email address.
Is there an easy way to get an emailed copy?


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The "unknown action" is caused by the line

elsif ($in{'forward_email'}) { &forward_email; }

either not being present or being in the wrong place in db.cgi, sub main.

If you want the "to" email address to always be the same, you can delete


<tr><td align=right><$font>Recipient's email address:</font></td>
<td><input type=text name="to_email" value="$in{'to_email'}" size=40></td></tr>
from sub html_forward_email_form and delete


unless ($in{'to_email'}) { $message = "You must fill in the recipient's email address<BR>"; }
unless ($in{'to_email'} =~ /.+\@.+\..+/) { $message = "The recipient's email address is not in the correct format.<BR>"; }
from sub forward_email. Also in sub forward_email, change

print MAIL "To: $in{'to_email'}\n";


print MAIL "To: you\@server.com\n";