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searching textarea field problem

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searching textarea field problem
My problem is this..

In the KEYWORD SEARCH ...if i type a word or phrase taken from any of the database fields, it return all records that have that word in any of its fields.

however if i am searching for a unique word that is written in the "textarea" field, no record comes up!!!.

how can i get the "keyword search", to search the textarea field.

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Re: [jamaicasearch1] searching textarea field problem In reply to
This was taken from the FAQ noted below in the section "Search".

It may provide ideas of what you can try. There are various other thread references for keyword search you may want to check out if this doesn't work for you.

Search for keywords in a particular field (category)

<center><form action="cgi-bin/db.cgi" method="GET">
<input type=hidden name="uid" value="default">
<input type=hidden name="db" value="site">
<input type=hidden name="view_records" value="1">
<B>Keyword Search:<BR><input type="text" name="keywords" size="20"><br>
<font size="2">Search within:<br>
<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME=Category VALUE="Category1">Category1<BR>
<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME=Category VALUE="Category2">Category2</font></B><P>
<INPUT TYPE="SUBMIT" NAME="view_records" VALUE="Search"></FORM></center>

This was setup to be used as an external search form.

Hope this helps

Unoffical DBMan FAQ