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quick question on an 'if'

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quick question on an 'if'
if ($rec{'Avatar Address'}) {
print qq|
<img src=$url{'Avatar Address'}>

ok what Im wanting to do is
if $rec{'Avatar Address'} reports back as empty
display a default picture
everything Ive tried as broken and not given a 500 error so I can't catch it that way.

this is going under the sub for printing records

so in common english I suppose

if {there is information stored in $rec{Avatar Address} print the image
if the $rec{Avatar...} is blank, dont print it (havent decided on whether to use a default 'no picture selected' image or to just leave it blank

what I currently have, should do that above...but instead it prints a red X box
I used the configarator(sp) to create the base for me to design around (thank you so much for that tool as well)
but it predefines $rec{'Avatar Address'} as
$url{'Avatar Address'}

$url{'Avatar Address'} = $rec{'Avatar Address'};
$url{'Avatar Address'} =~ s/<\/?B>//g;
-keeps thinking outloud-

any pointers to the correct direction would be most appriciated.

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zeroisgod42: Apr 3, 2003, 8:13 PM
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