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print graphic after 3/4 recs

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print graphic after 3/4 recs
Thanks for fixing my 1 matches syntax error, I almost had it right, but no prize. I'll buy myself a Perl book, and put it with my html, dhtml, java, java script, vrml and a bunch of other web related books.
Any way the little mod worked fine, thanks heeps.
I tried the $db_total_hits if statement, but I keep getting a syntax error. Have checked it a million times, but it won't work as is.
What i'm trying to do is to put a Top of Page link, to be returned with the search results, at the bottom of my page.
I can return it on a page, but if search returnes only 1 record, having a link to Top of Page at the bottom of the screen, not only dosn't work, but also looks stupid.
So a page with 3/4 or more records would warrent a link. I know it will work, but I can not get the if statement to function.
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Could you post the full code that you're using? It helps if I have something to start with, so we're on the same page. Smile

Glad the "1 match" fix worked for you. I'm always pleased when folks try it for themselves, even if they don't have all the syntax correct.