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picture view???

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picture view???
Have are you days happy now?

Now I'm using the process very well for your help.
But I have a some problem, so I need once more your help.
My result is I cant not move the graphic file on want place,
because of follow other graphic files.
What's a matter? What about reason? I don't know and I can't...
How shall I do?
I want to I have a same result look for a this attach file.
I send attach file to you. The file name is (help.html).
Please answer to me again, I will wait.

<a href="http://www.totalpusan.com/help.htm">

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Re: picture view??? In reply to
Maybe, you have html troubles.
html.pl --->
becareful of how the the <table>s and <tr> <td>s are set.

I re-built my html.pl so that I don't have to look every for these in different places, like the header/footer areas.

It should work.

Also could you try to describe your trouble in more detail?

Don't worry about your English, one of my best friends in college was from Pusan.

good luck

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Re: picture view??? In reply to
I believe you are probably using the Multiple File Upload Mod. If so, I believe the problem is that it inserts the pictures all at once, so if the user uploads 3 pitcures, using the mod they are displayed pic1,pic2,pic3...

A neat mod of the mod would be to allow specification of where the first file in the upload/$id directory is placed, and then where each additional file is placed.