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moving hacks to sql

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moving hacks to sql
i have a zillion hacks, thanks to jpdeni, lois and everyone here for much help! i want to move one database to dbman sql but i need many of the hacks. i need help getting started with the code to figure out how and where they go.

1. is there a sub main somewhere that i must put all my new routines?
2. if i want to add a new permission level, i see how to do that in the user table. but where do i check for that permission in the code. for example, if i want to require a special permission to modify a record or some other action, where do i test for this?
3. if i want to show validated records only to admin/owner, where do i put that code?

i think i can figure out most things if i can get started here. there are so many files (cgi and pm) i just don't know where to look.


p.s. if there's a great resource like lois's FAQ for dbman sql, pls let me know!

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delicia: Jul 17, 2010, 2:05 PM