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linking from static html page

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linking from static html page
I have finished installing dbman and every thing works fine, and I have just started to modify it to match my site.
What I need to do is to provide a link from my db result fields to a html page.
Ok you say, use the Short and Long Mod.
I,ve looked at that, and the only problem with that is the pages I need to link to will all have different formatting, ie there may be hundreds of statis html pages, all different.
Actually linking to the page is not the problem, my problem is providing a link back to my search results, as you have with the Short Long Mod. Of course you could always use the browser back button, but a link back to the search results at the bottom of the page would be good.
One more short question.
How do you get rid of the Home, View and List all links at the bottom of the search results page.I have set it up so users can only search, and have a java nav bar to handle my navigation, and a search form is included on every search results page, so there is no need for the links.
I,ve search the forum, but carn't seem to find answers to these to questions.
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I don't think there is a way for you to link back from a static html page to the search results the same way that the short/long mod does. Since you will never know what search terms brought a user to the page, you couldn't know what search terms to put on your static page to send them back.

I might suggest that you open a new window when the user goes to the static pages. That way they can just close the window and they'll be back at the search.

How to get rid of the links in the footer menu? Delete the lines from sub html_footer. Or, if you want to keep them for admin use, change the permissions to "$per_admin" for each line.