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date&time stamping

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date&time stamping
Hi all,

I'm trying to create a work order database for vehicle repairs for our fire department.

I would like to automatically record the date & time that a vehicle goes out of service and the time that it returns to service. I think I would like to do this as follows:

1) When a checkbox field ('Out of Serice') is checked,
the program automatically inserts the date in a field(in
the standard Unix form, which includes time; eg, "Sun
Nov 5 10:23:26 EST 2000").

2) When another checkbox field is checked ('Return to
Service') the program again automatically inserts the
date in another field (again, in the standard Unix

In this way, we can keep a record of how long different vehicles are out of service, work with our maintenance providers to improve turnaround times, and demonstrate the need for replacing a vehicle as appropriate.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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Please visit the FAQ noted below and look under the section for "Dates". I think you will find ideas and a possible solution within the threads posted there.

Unoffical DBMan FAQ