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customizing report printing

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customizing report printing
I'd like to make DB man print records in bulleted lists sorted by a field called Type. Each time Type changes, I'd like to print the text within Type, then for each record with a similar Type, print each line with a bullet. Problem is that $rec{'Type'} does not have any value when called from sub html_view_success, only within sub html_record. Here is my code snippet from html_view_success:

for (0 .. $numhits - 1) {
if ($rec{'Type'} eq $last) {
print qq|<img src="folder.gif">$rec{'Type'}< br >|;
else {
$last = $rec{'Type'};
&html_record (&array_to_hash($_, @hits));

and from html_record:
my (%rec) = @_;
($db_auto_generate and print &build_html_record(%rec) and return);
print qq|&#149;<A HREF="$rec{'URL'}" >$rec{'Title'}</A><BR>|;

How can I gain access to the contents of a field from within html_view_sucess ?

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Are you using the short/long mod? If so, you may want to check out the FAQ noted below under "Viewing/Format" for a thread called:

"Group Short Display by Category"

this may provide ideas or a solution. You will also find different threads related to creating report outputs, etc.

Hope this helps

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