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counting field-values...

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counting field-values...
I have a field in my db, that keep the value of number of hits from a record.
When someone ask for the, lets say 'List all', the script displays only the number of records, that is stored in the '$db_max_hits', and when there are more records, there is a toolbar with 'Page 1 2 3...>>'.
So far so good.
What I want to do is count the value of ALL the fields to each other, whitch have the value if the number of hits, so you can say: 'There are ... TOTAL hits'.
I was pretty succesfull with this, only I had the total hits of a SCREEN, and not of the total hits in the search result.
How can I do that???
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Re: counting field-values... In reply to
Well, I solve it myself, but with another run through the database. Frown
If anyone has another option, I'll be glad to hear.

Thanks in advance.