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configurator html question

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configurator html question
since jpdeni is here, i have a quick question about configurator (which is great!). what is purpose of all the print qq| |; statements? (the ones that are blank and often the | | are on two different lines). thanks
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I would have to look at the code again, which I haven't done in probably four years :-), but it's likely that what you're seeing has to do with all of the options that are available. In covering every possibility, extra things are added. Also the strange way I program. :-)

You can certainly remove any unwanted linefeeds and extraneous print qq| |; statements. The script is really not intended to be a be-all and end-all, but merely a starting point for your own customization. It's a whole lot easier to take those extra things out than to try to figure out where to put them when the script doesn't run if they're missing.

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