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case sensitivity problem

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case sensitivity problem
Sorry to hear that JPD is sick again, I've been away on tour and got back yesterday, I hope she Is feeling better.
I have a problem with a two teired short display mod that JPD did for me a couple of weeks ago. Its at
The problem is, I have 3 search fields on a static page - Category, Make and Model.
Gategory is not a problem as it is hard wired into a dropdown, Make and Model are text fields.
If a user searches by Gategory, a short list by Make is returned, they then chose the Make and a short list by Model is returned, they then chose the Model and a normal long list is returned.
The can chose by either of all fields.
The model field is also not a problem as it will return a long display. Make is the field that is case sensitive, as if it is searched by itself will return a short display.
If you don't enter the exact case into this field you get nothing not even an error.
I spent the last day trying to track down the problem, as I thought it may have been an interaction with another mod, of which I have several, so I started with a fresh DB.cgi and Html.pl and only added this mod. No go, same result.
I also added
elsif ($in{'Category'}) {if (($db_total_hits == 1) | | ($maxhits == 1)) {
&html_record(&array_to_hash(0, @hits));
to the make field, so it would display the long results if there is only one record. The make field then is not case sensitive.
It is only case sensitive when the short displays are returned.
I notised the problem when JPD wrote the code, but she didn't know why it was behaving this way.
I hope someone can find the cause of this, because my search is bacially usuless, untill it's fixed.
Sorry about this being long.
I'm modding offline with Xitami, but I do have a test site, so I can upload it if you wish to take a look at it.

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Re: case sensitivity problem In reply to
Hmmm...This is quite odd. The only suggestion I have is to turn on cs (Case Sensitive) for the search form with a hidden field:

<input type=hidden name="cs" value="on">

Other than that, I really don't know what to tell ya.


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