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Veiw own only, yet results of entire database

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Veiw own only, yet results of entire database
 Excuse the title, this one was hard to explain in one sentence. What I'm trying to do is calculate the total of particular field(s) in the database. I have found threads on this and it seems fairly straightforward, except that the results are used to calculate a brokers ranking relative to the entire database, and he can only view/modify his own record.

So. . .

a broker logs in and at the top of his record is something like:

Your sales ranking is 60. (In other words, his sales place him in the 60th percentile of everyone who has responded). I would do this with javascript once I had the number to start.

The two questions are,

1) how can I search and retrieve results on the entire database to use for the comparison, yet only allow him to see his record and results. (Separate database?);

2) how can I list results like 22/100, (22 of 100 possible respondents), where only 22 brokers answered this question out of 100 total brokers in the database.

Any help would be appreciated.