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Users use "back" button - any thoughts on stopping them?

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Users use "back" button - any thoughts on stopping them?
Currently I have a slight "annoyance" that occurs every now and then... a user will modify a record (which then emails us the data) but then they'll hit the "back button" on their browser and make a change and submit the form again. So I wind up with 3 emails containing *nearly* identical data. All of our users have to go through a "training" session before they are turned loose, in which we explain to them to submit the form only once and then fax or email any revisions if necessary. However, after a period of time they forget, etc.

Short of opening the page (via JavaScript sans tool bar) does anybody have any suggestions on how they handle this situation? Is it a problem for you?

Just curious on other people's thoughts. I thought about hacking the session mod so it'd apply only to add or modify a record. Not sure...

TIA, - Mike.