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Secure Password - Email Field

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Secure Password - Email Field
Hi All, I have installed the secure password lookup which works great what i would like to do is when a user adds a new record to pull the email address from the password file and insert into the email field of the record just like it pulls in the user id. Tried similar routine to this with $auth_user_email = 3 in the CFG file this doesnt work and when in use it also rejects the user id.

# Set User email in Jobsmail to login email

($auth_user_email >= 0) and ($in{$db_cols[$auth_user_email]} =


Any ideas greatly appreciated. Also I have the now three databases running great. One is for advertisers, one is for jobs and one is for Jobs Agent(current project). Has anybody set up a similar Jobs Agent whereby a user can register using criteria i.e Location, Job Type and when an advertiser adds a new job it will search the Job Agent Database and email a copy of the Job to those records that match the Job.

But also if location in Job Agent is left blank it matches Job Type and vice versa.


James Morris - Novice DBMAN User but ever improving.

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Re: [jamesamorris] Secure Password - Email Field In reply to
Taken from the FAQ:

Retrieve email from password file

Response: oldmoney

In html_record_form, before

($db_auto_generate and print &build_html_record_form(%rec) and return);


# Added for get uid, email
if ($in{'add'}) {
$rec{'Userid'} = $db_userid;
$rec{'Email'} = &get_email($db_userid);

and in html_add_form at the top, add

$in{'add'} = 1;

That will do it...


I don't know the answer to your second question. Perhaps someone else will have some ideas.

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