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Hi All, I have been trying to get the search results to display a record twice. Is that possible? For example a record containing two dates, date it was entered and date it was modified. How do i get the search results to display the same record twice showing the two entries. Any help or idea would be appreciated Thanks in advance Norv
PS DBMAN flat file version

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Syte: Jul 13, 2013, 6:55 AM
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Re: [Syte] Search Results In reply to
i have done similar thing in the past, but not exact so i can't just copy code here. but here are steps to make change in html:

create a new sub
open DB and read all the records
as it reads each record, generate two new $output records ($output .= ...), one for each date; each of the output records should have the fields in order you want the output sorted (if you want to sort by date, the first field will be the date); then include the other fields you want in the display
after this loop is complete, you'll have a foreach line (sorted) in the $output, to print/display the records

you can call this sub by having checkbox in your search form to use special format; then in sub view success, call the new sub if the checkbox is checked

hope this helps!