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Relational Db Design question

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Relational Db Design question
Have project I am currently braing storming for. is essentially three parts. Part one is books for sale, one is books for reading online, the last is for books searched to amazon etc.

I am trying to minimize the data I have to re-enter multiple times. FOr example, I'd like to store the author data in one spot for all books. I'd also like to store the book information in one spot and split the search and online reading data off another table. I guess my design would look something like
Author Table Book table Online ForSale
AuthorID =========>AuthorID ... ...
Author Name etc ... ... ...
Title etc ... ...
URL1 ...

I think this would work out okay, but I have a question I can't figure out, So I thought I'd ask the developers here.

How do I handle multiple editions of the same book? For example. One book might have multiple editions by multiple publishers.......

Anyone else ever wrestle with this before?

Thanks for any input.

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Turn-off $db_tracking in the Book database. Then assign the same IDs for the books that have different editions. Add another field called Edition. Then you will have to do some tweaking in your sub html_record OR sub html_record_long (depending if you are using the long/short display) to get the correct output.

Hope this helps.


Eliot Lee