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new mod: search for and sort by categories

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new mod: search for and sort by categories
Ok, based on a recent thread, I've composed a mod that tells you how to implement searches based on categories and displaying search results as lists sorted according to categories.
This is the first mod I ever tried to write, so I'm not sure whether it is intelligible.
Please take a look at

Suggestions etc. are welcome. Also, if the mod is useful, I'd like to have it added to some mod collection that's already available - how to go about this?


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The mod looks fine. The only thing I would suggest is that you add "hard" carriage returns at about column 60 or 70 on each line, except for the lines that are actual code. That way users won't have to scroll from side to side in order to read the mod.

To submit your mod to the Resource Center, just go to http://www.gossamer-threads.com/perl/resources/add.cgi and fill out the form. Someone will validate it and add it to the mods there. (I don't validate new links.)