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adding pictures???

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adding pictures???
hi carol....i got an email a week or so ago saying you replied to this question when i originally posted it, but when i popped on to read it, the thread was gone! Frown i even searched for posts by my user name and it didn't come up there either....so i'm gonna try this again. sorry about the inconvenience, but i have no idea what could have happened.

anyway...my question concerned adding a photo to records displayed after a search. as you might remember, i mentioned that i had read an answer you gave someone else for this question on another thread, but i can't find the thread again. if you could either direct me to the proper thread, or, if it's easier, just answer me here, i would appreciate it!

i want to add a thumbnailed photo to the rest of the info for each record displayed after a search. the thumbnail would then be a clickable link to a larger version of the photo. i would also like to use a default for a "no pic available" image for those records without photos.

the images will be stored on a different server than the script, and i would like the full-sized view of the photo to open in it's own seperate window by itself, after clicking on the thumbnail.

ive looked all over the place for the thread i saw with answers to this problem, but i can't seem to find it! thanx!


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Hi, I am also trying to find similar. I would really like the option to include more than one thumbnail and the facility to delete the images files when the associated record is deleted. Please can you let me know if you find anything worthwhile and I will do the same.

A guy JPDeni mentions for a thumbnail mod is JFrost. I will try to contact him.
For interest a forum posting which mentions the mod is

Thanks in advance