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Relational Mod

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Relational Mod
Yet again, it seems that I am stumped. I have been tinkering with a relational mod for quite some time now, and I have had no success with it. Is there anyone out there that can help me set it up? I am more than willing to pay you for your time.

Or, if someone can put a link to a *.txt file of a script that has it running...

Anything at all will help. I have searched the forum and I am still stumped.

Thanks, in advance.

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Re: Relational Mod In reply to
What are you stumped about? If you can provide some more information about why it is not working for you, we can help you?

If you are looking for someone to install this Mod, try contacting one of the Installers in the Resource Center.


Eliot Lee
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Re: Relational Mod In reply to
Hi there... after spending most of the night pouring over JPDeni's Relational instructions and related threads on this board, I might be able to pass along a few words of advice on getting this to work... when calling the "item" records on a "primary" record in the sub html_record (or html_record_long), there are two typos which took me about an hour to track down...

my ($status2,@hits2) = &query("view");
note the regular parentheses around view... don't use brackets 'cuz it won't work.

$rec{'Userid'} = $in{'Userid'};
note that this is reversed in her directions and won't work.

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