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ORDINary shop cart?

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ORDINary shop cart?
please help me with these 2 problems

1. I have included 2 Build Select option field in the ORDER FORM FORM, however it does not return the said information I selected when the form is returned for address verification. rather the build select option field returns with the default information that is always in the field each time the form comes up

therefore even though the the information that i first selected is right, as printed above the order form, if i press ok the default is what goes into the order processing as it is that default information that is returned the second time for the address varification!

how can this be fixed??? and get the first selected information to continue through pass the verification stage

second question!

2. I run DBMAN on WINDOWS NT on a private network that allow free access for every to search for products

i use DBMAN on a Server called "SAMBAR" it does not use "SENDMAIL" rather it uses "MAIL" how can i reconfigure the script to use "malit"

I use the SMPT that comes with the sambar server for email purpose i would like the order mailed to a POP mail box on my smpt sever after it is completed..

i tried a cart "redicart" (cant use it cause it dosent suit my purpose..even thought it seds the mail to the mail box)which is configured this way...


where YOU have $mailprog="usr/bin.......";

i have


i hope i make sence...if i dont take it easy with me...i dont know much..


please help


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Re: ORDERnary shop cart? In reply to
Hi Everton,

I have the same Build Select problem in another database I run, and I have not solved that yet (see Multiple selects lost at add record failure, 25 nov, http://www.gossamer-threads.com/...w=collapsed&sb=5.

Unfortunately I can't assist you right now; I am travelling for another 2 weeks, and I don't have the source code available. Hope someone else can help you out!

(btw it's ORDERnary Wink)

O grain

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Re: ORDERnary shop cart? In reply to
thanks for the spell check correction.....enjoy your trip!

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Re: ORDINary shop cart? In reply to
1. I found the problem with build multiple select, ....
At least I though I had. Had to delete my answer in another thread, but i'll soon have it.

2. I'm not sure I follow you there...
In case you haven't found a solution yet, could you rephrase the problem, maybe under a new thread since it seems to be more a general NT mail problem than a shopping cart problem?

[Edited at second thoughts same night, somewhat later]