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Modify records?

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Modify records?

Here is what I need. I think I saw a post similar to mine, but I can't find it.

I need to search through the whole database and Modify multiple records. Here is the situation:

About 300 records that belong to a company called "Solgar" of my database have a "*" in the "Name" field. This was done because there was a special logo that had to be loaded if the Name field had a "*" in it. Everything is working great until now. Now they want to change the category for all the "*". So I need the database to search 2 fields in all the records. First search for all the companies called "Solgar". Next, look in the "Name" field, if any of them have a "*" in them, change the "Category" field for that record to e.g. "Star".

I hope you understand my question.

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Are you going to do one time, as a permanent change to the database?

If so, it seems like it would be much faster and simpler to open the *.db file in a good text editor and do your searching and replacing there, then re-upload the *.db file.

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Re: Modify records? In reply to
Yes this will be a one time thing. I tried briniging it in to Textpad and do a Search & Replace, but the problem is that there are a lot of other fields with "*" in them. I need to only search the Name field. I also tried bringing it into Access, and running an Update Query. The only problem is, I don't know the expression I would use in Access to do a criteria in the Name field if it "Contains" a "*".

Thanks For your help
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Re: Modify records? In reply to
This will teach you to do almost anything other than a "*" for a flag!! Smile

In Access, you can set your Criteria field to


(I just tested it and it works fine.)