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Displaying users online

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Displaying users online

Please help me with this. I would like to display which users are currently being online. That is, to grab the usernames from the auth folder. I would also like to set a limit to, for instance, 10 persons.

This should be possible??

Thanx! Smile
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Yep, it should be possible, but reading the auth directory will only tell you if they logged on "recently" (depending upon the limit you set for $auth_time in *.cfg). With this in mind, I would still probably modify the auth_logging routine to write a separate log file for the last X logins and then INCL this file. A better solution yet would be to incorporate the I am Online script by ZuZusoft (sp?) into the login routine...

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Re: Displaying users online In reply to
I created 2 extra fields in my profile db (I have a membership db) - called 'logtime' and 'logdate'.

Then I made it so that the time and date are logged on login and everytime a user visits his/her homepage.

Thanks to another fellow dbman user (sorry cant think of the name right now) He showed me how to convert the date and time into a single number.. This allows you to sort through "last online".. however.. I haven't worked out how to list the last 5, 10, 15 or 20 online, to be displayed on the homepage yet..

I'm currently rewriting my membership db (alot more neater).. to be offered in the resources (hopefully Smile )

It will include..
* online inhouse user messaging (non email)
* last visited homepage (date and time)
* auto message delete after time expires
* auto user & password delete after 6 months (if hasn't logged in)
* hiding of personal information option (email, address etc ** except for admin**)
* new message notification (non email)

hopefully soon.. an intergration with a message board.. so that only logged in users to dbman can post messages..

millsie Smile

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