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A little question...

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A little question...
Hi! I would like to know is it is possible to customised sorting fields according to a criteria. Let me explain. I have a field called Ranks and the values are military ranks. Is it possible to do a sort from the highest to the lowest ranks and vice versa? Right now the sort options only sorts either by numbers/alphabetical order. However, for ranks say Lieutenant Commander and Lieutennant, the sort oder is wrong. Lieutenant Commander is obviously higher in rank than Lieutenant.

Anyone has any ideas?

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Someone you might want to ask about this is "TheFew".
His email is available under his profile.

He created an extensive site for Marines, and I think I remember him doing something like that?

Also if your sites are similiar he would most likely share some great ideas with you.

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Re: A little question... In reply to
Just thought of this while reading your post.
I know little of military ranks but I asume there may not be a great many.
What you could do is give each rank it's own value and sort on that.
Try this -
Ad an extra field to your db called somthing like,
sort_on => [15, 'numer', 2, 2, 0, '', ''], #change field number to match your database,
then at the top of sub add_record or your db.cgi add a bunch of if statements,
if ($in{'rank'} eq Lieutenant Commander) {
$in{'sort_on'} = 1; }
if ($in{'rank'} eq Lieutenant) {
$in{'sort_on'} = 2; }
and so on.
Then you can sort by the sort_on field.
Should work.


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Re: A little question... In reply to
Thanks to both Bob and LoisC for theor reply. I'll check it out.