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ASP and DBman.

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ASP and DBman.
Anyone know how to execute db.cgi inside an ASP page, I want to make a search.asp that will receive parameters from the user, pass it to dbman and use its output.

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Re: ASP and DBman. In reply to
I was working on the same thing, but using SSI instead of ASP. Although I suspect that they would require similar steps. Try searching the forum for ssi and my name, eliot had a good solution for me.
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Re: ASP and DBman. In reply to
Uh...sort of, not really.

What you would have to do (quick and dirty) is add <%output%> tags in your db.cgi file for printed statements.

Also, you would have to modify the html.pl file a lot.

My suggestion...search for the TEMPLATED version of DBMAN.


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