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Links not working

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Links not working
I have the following links in my setup of DbMan

Link 1: <a href="$db_script_link_url&Year_Graduated=$rec{'Year_Graduated'}&sb=LastName&view_records=1">

Link 2: <a href="$db_dir_url/reunion/dbReu.cgi?db=$db_setup&uid=$uid&ReuViewClass=1">

Link 1 is working fine - while link 2 makes me have to login again after I have already logged in?

Anyone have any ideas why this happens?

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Re: [donm] Links not working In reply to

Try using:

<a href="$db_dir_url/reunion/dbReu.cgi?db=$db_setup&uid=$db_uid&ReuViewClass=1">

rahter than:

<a href="$db_dir_url/reunion/dbReu.cgi?db=$db_setup&uid=$uid&ReuViewClass=1">

The difference would be the use of:


Unless your referring to another directory you could also just shorten the link to:

<a href="dbReu.cgi?db=$db_setup&uid=$db_uid&ReuViewClass=1">

Hope this helps

Unoffical DBMan FAQ

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Re: [donm] Links not working In reply to
note that your first link is using $db_script_link_url while the second is using $db_dir_url/...
i think the first one has all the necessary info including uid.
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Re: [delicia] Links not working In reply to
Thanks everyone for your help - I found the problem and have corrected it. The problem was actually a change I had made in db.cgi.

I had changed

my $status;
local $uid;

In sub main - I had to change it back. When I did - the link started working again.

Thanks again!