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Spreadsheet3 mod question

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Spreadsheet3 mod question

I have added spreadsheet3 mod from JPD and it is working nice BUT I need spreadsheet only in viewing records while now it shows it also when you add/modify success record page which is not needed and also much more unreadable. Is there any possibility to change this so it is used for viewing only?

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Re: [atomant] Spreadsheet3 mod question In reply to

Create a separate sub html_record that displays your record the way you want it for add/modify success. Name it sub html_record_other (or be creative and name it something else :) ). Then, in the subroutines where you want it to use the other html_record subroutine, substitute

print qq|
print "</TR></TABLE>";

(which is there from the mod)



(or whatever you named your new subroutine)

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Re: [JPDeni] Spreadsheet3 mod question In reply to
Thanx, it works. Smile

Now I can customize myself each screen differently.