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View/Export only manually selected results

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View/Export only manually selected results
Dear All,

I am a geologist and I just set up a simple literature database at http://jura.saxen.net (follow the 'Publications' link).

Now I would like to add one modification, but I don't know how:

I would like a checkbox to appear with each publication shown in the search results. The user should be able to select one or more of the publications and view or export ONLY these selected publications into an Excel file or PDF.

I know that the export MODs are available, but I don't know how to add the checkboxes and how to tell the script that only the selected datasets should be displayed/exported.

Thank you,

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Re: [Michi] View/Export only manually selected results In reply to
Does anyone have a suggestion for this one yet? I've over 300 fields -- and naturally Excel can'd understand more than 255. For any given export, I'd only the data from a few dozen fields. It would be great if I could filter out some fields -- or only export ones I select.

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Re: [averick] View/Export only manually selected results In reply to
Check out this post:

Thread: http://gossamer-threads.com/p/000848
Topic: Output a text file
hooter - August 29, 1999

or in the FAQ noted below under "Viewing"
"Output fields to a text file (sub html_printout)"

This can be used within a custom search form and be setup to extract the fields you want and the order you want them in, etc.

It will print the results to a .txt file which can be opened into excel, after of course the search is run to update the .txt file.

I use this in several database to extract current price lists, current link listings, etc.

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