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Problem with Commas and Periods

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Problem with Commas and Periods
I have a problem with the way americans write the prices.

For $45,000.00 I like to write $45.000,00.

But I have problems with searching for this price because if I write that I would like to search for a price between $45.000 and $50.000 it will only search between $45 - $50.

How could I solve this problem ?

Can somebody help me ?
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This was discussed about a month ago in the DBMAN Installation Forum. Try searching for special characters, dollar sign, etc. to find the Thread.

Basically, what you need to do is add regular expression statements that will allow users to search these special characters (like $ with .). In the Thread I am thinking of, there are instructions for adding special character regular expressions.

Sorry I cannot be more helpful.


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