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One Login

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One Login

Ive got the problem that is bound to happen - lots of scripts, lots of logins, lots of frustrated users!

Ive been thinking about a centralised user database, to save each person registering 5 times - although they may have to login seperately it would sove 50% of the problem.

Trouble is the format!

I have files like this:


TE112 0 Sharon nothing@changed.com Site Title http://www.url.com 2451692

and a banner exchange where each user has their own txt file!

Is there anyway DBMAN pass file could be combined with any of the above? I really dont think this is possible, but whey-hey, why not ask?

Cheers! (hoping for a miracle)

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This has been discussed before...the problem is that if those other software applications change their info arch, then it would be problematic to incorporate future changes.

The best idea is to find an integrated product that allows many web-based activities....Links SQL is moving towards the direction with integrated user management, banner ads, reviews/ratings, forum, etc.

For more Threads that discuss integration of scripts, click on the following search link:

UBB DBMAN integration


Eliot Lee