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One DBMan Database Modify Another's

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One DBMan Database Modify Another's

As you know, I've been creating a roster database of which you've helped me a bunch and then some.

Well, I've got one more database to build called logbook.cgi. This database holds information about flights that my pilots/members/users have flown. One field in this database will be "Flight Time". This field is how long a flight was in the form of hours.tenths-of-an-hour (i.e. 3.5 hours = 3 hours 30 min or 3 1/2 hours). After a pilot enters a record into the database, I'd like to be able to add the value of this field onto the "Hours" field in my roster.cgi database corresponding to the pilot's callsign (WBK*** i.e WBK73G). The Pilot's callsign is also a field in BOTH databases called, well, "Callsign".

However, there might be a problem with this. Over the last day or two, you've helped me with the validate mod and making it send out a message when a member modifies his record. Since the only way I can think that this might work is for the logbook.cgi to open the roster.cgi database file (default.db) directly and edit the actual content of the file instead of having roster.cgi do it, roster.cgi wouldn't go through the validation stuff again would it? I mean, logbook.cgi is working with the file directly and not sending commands to the other database.

If this wasn't enough to confuse you, I have one more problem/question...

On my Web site, I have a sign up form (html file) which gets handled by a form handler (specifically, Matt Wright's Mail.pl). I obviously get an email with the information. From there, I have to go and create a whole heep of accounts in my newsletter script, route database, roster database, etc.
I know for you to help me outside of DBMan probably isn't allowed, but...Is it possible for you to help me figure out a way to get mail.pl to, 1. in roster.cgi, add the information supplied by the new member on the form page to the roster.cgi's database and STILL have to go through the validation process, and 2. After I validate the new members account in roster.cgi, have roster.cgi create an account in routes.cgi's default.pass (DBMan script), logbook.cgi's default.pass (DBMan script) and possibly other scripts. If you can't do the "other scripts" part, I have a friend who can possibly do that - but I just basically need your help to get mail.pl to write to the roster.cgi's database and hold that info for validation and to have roster.cgi create accounts in the other two databases after I validate the info that mail.pl sent.

I know by now you are probably confused. If you are, just ask any questions you need. I'm out of things to say, so I'll just leave it at this and see what happens...


Michael DeLong