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Making Links at bottom of DB go away!

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Making Links at bottom of DB go away!
I am looking to remove the links at the bottom of the DB display, when "Viewing" the records. I am using the DB to show some files (pics, name, description) but I do not want the users to see a logoff link, home, etc etc... I only want the admin to see those when they go into the DB editor. How do I accomplish this?

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Re: Making Links at bottom of DB go away! In reply to
Or you can change the permissions of the links in the sub html_footer file to only admin, like the following:

if ($per_admin);

Put this code at the end of the ! character, which appears after each link.

By deleting out the &html_footer tags will not allow you as the Administrator to see the links.

There is also a mod located in the following web page that allows you to clean up the sub html_footer routine to allow you to set-up permissions more easily for different users:


Hope this helps.


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Re: Making Links at bottom of DB go away! In reply to
In your view_success subroutine, just take out the section where it called the &footer (that's what I have mine named as, yours may be different) stuff. Or if you just want different footer links in your view_success, just make a new subroutine with what you want to be displayed and just rename the call to &footer to your new routine and that's that.

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