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Log file

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Log file
I want to trace the modifications in the database.
Is it possible to write modifications in a .log file for example ?
(with old/new value for each fields ?)
Thanks for your help
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Re: Log file In reply to
I am interested in this as well. I would like to track what the value of the field was before it was modified, what it was changed to, and what user changed it. I want to be able to write this info to a .log file.

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Re: Log file In reply to
I am a bit confused about your request. Please provide a visual example or be more specific about your intentions.


Eliot Lee
Anthro TECH,L.L.C

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Re: Log file In reply to
well, i'll try
Each time a user make a modification in a record, i want to write two lines in a file
(for example modif.log) :
one with the fields before modification and one with the fields after modification.
I want to know what was the old value of each field.

thanks again.