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Help for a contest

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Help for a contest
Im planning a contest about football where people can fill records untill an specific date. After that, admin will generate day by day a Top Ten. Im using a field for the score. My problem is the process to generate every score for every record.

Ex. If you match exactly the results of a game you get 5 points, if you gave a club as a winner but not the correct result you get 3 points. The sumary of the day by day points will make the final score.

Someone can help me? Unsure
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Re: [delaosa] Help for a contest In reply to

Is your site a charity?



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Re: [tandat] Help for a contest In reply to
At this moment is nothing, only an intention of quiz game but it will be applied to sports as baseball or wherever two teams are involved.

As i said there is a data base with all records and a Master Record fill by Admin with real results to compare whole database against this Master Record.

Can you help me?