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Help/'next detailed record'/DBManSQL

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Help/'next detailed record'/DBManSQL

As a former DBMan user, I know the importance of JP Deni's short/long display modification, and how widely it is used. I have recently acquired DBMan SQL which has an in-built <%if details%> variable which allows the same two-tiered approach, ie. a search giving first a list of records, each of which can then display a more complete version of the record.

However, despite the help of GT staff, we can not get DBMan SQL to function fully like DBMan. The difficulty is to be able to pass directly from one detailed record to the next detailed record of the list generated by the search - which is possible in DBMan (Previous/Next record).

My posts (theme 'next record') and answers given in the DBMan SQL forum have so far not been successful. I am therefore searching for anybody's advice on how this can be achieved. Thanks in advance to the huge DBMan community!

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Re: [charly] Help/'next detailed record'/DBManSQL In reply to
I don't visit the SQL forum often, but I do remember others saying that they were able to use the short/long mod with the SQL version.

Have you searched or looked through all the threads in the SQL forum to see if you could locate someone who has had success with the short/long mod?

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Re: [LoisC] Help/'next detailed record'/DBManSQL In reply to
Yes, I've been through the fora on this theme but no indication that anyone has implemented the next/previous detailed (long) part of a long/short mod
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