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Frustrating problem

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Frustrating problem
Hi folks!

Been a while since I posted here, but I have a very frustrating problem. I have DBMan installed on our server and it works great. Until recently, that is...

What happens is that the script works until you go to submit the form. And then I get an Internal Server Error. Looking at the server error log, I see the following error(s) listed:

getpeername: Transport endpoint is not connected

httpd: [Fri Jan 7 14:24:54 2000] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers: /www/cgi-bin/dbman/db.cgi

Warning: Use of "-z" without parens is ambiguous at CGI.pl line 136

Our Server admin tech folks say that the server is fine, but it was working great until Jan 5... then this started. Has ANYONE else encountered this? The script has not been changed at all since it was working. And it was working Jan 5 all day until that first getpeername error showed up. I am baffled and confused...

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Here is an update... it looks like the user id has been reset back to 1. However, if you enter a higher ID number, it appears to go through. Where (and which file) would I find where that can be set or reset?