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Format Problems

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Format Problems
Hello everyone,

I have my database together and working with the exception of a few details as follows:

1. How do I stop the cell (when entering information) from remembering the last persons entry? I don't want people to know who has logged in before them.

2. How do I get my "select" type cells to show what is already in the database when using the "Modify" option?

3. I decided a customer product allocation in an Access database and then importing it into the default.db file. The allocation is available for reference by the customer when they log on to place their order. I am using the "Modify" option for order entry, the allocation field is one that can not be edited. The problem is when I submit the modification it writes over the allocations, leaving the field blank in the database (no longer available for reference). Is their a way around this?

I would appreciate any suggestions.


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1) To stop an input box from displaying its contents, you would take out the value="" part of the HTML code. This won't display it's current value, but will set it to nothing if it is left blank and submitted.

2) You should be using the &build_checkbox_field ("FieldName", "$rec{'FieldName'}"); code for select lists rather than hard coding them.

3) How are you making the field un-editable? May I see your database ine action? It might help us get a better idea of what's going on.

Hope this helped.

- Mark

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Re: Format Problems In reply to

Thanks for the answer to Question #1.

Question #2 - I gave up on for now, I made it a regular cell. These are fields that I want to hold shipping options (maybe as many as eight) and payment options (as many as ten). I don't think a check box system would be practical.

Question #3 - I figured out. I put the format of code that is usually found in the resulting record area of the html file in the record area, making it visible but locked. I then put the "input" part of the code as a hidden field in the record area. This seems to have stopped it from deleting my information.

Thanks for the help,

(I checked out your web site, it's fun having help from someone on the other side of the world!)