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Error: Unable to Modify Record

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Error: Unable to Modify Record
There were problems modifying the record: (can't find requested record)
Please fix any errors and submit the record again.

This is odd. All records are in my default.db file. Why can't it find the record in order to modify it. It was working during the demo so it's probably something I tweaked the wrong way. Attached it my html.pl code. If anyone can spot any errors in the code, please inform me. I will also post my default.cfg file if anyone believes the code error to be located there.
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I deleted your file from the post. Please do not copy entire files to the forum. It makes it very difficult to continue a thread. And they're very difficult to read on the forum.

If you need to have someone look at a file, copy the file to a web-accessible directory (one where you would place .html files) and rename it to have a .txt extension -- for example -- html_pl.txt or default_cfg.txt. Then let us know where we can pick it up.

If the script can't find the record, it's probably a problem with your $db_key field. Make sure that you have a field defined as the $db_key field, that it is a required field and that you have an input field in sub html_record_form for the field.