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Error: Insecure dependency

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Error: Insecure dependency
Hey Friends,

I am stucked with this -T switch problem. If I don't use -T switch my server sends error but if I do, what I get is the following error:

Error Message : fatal error: Insecure dependency in unlink while running with -T switch at /home/nigstar/public_html/cgi-bin/ngstar/ngstarauth.pl line 164.

my line 164 reads:

unlink ("$auth_dir/$file"); # Delete the file if it is too old.

Help, anybody! somebody!!!
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Re: [bodemesh] Error: Insecure dependency In reply to
Please do a search in ALL forums for "Insecure dependency" and you will find some threads which may help you.

Searching through all the forums will bring up results provided in other than just DBMan. I only read one thread but hopefully within the results there will be a solution or suggestions for you.

Please also only post your question in one forum :)

Unoffical DBMan FAQ

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Re: [LoisC] Error: Insecure dependency In reply to
I couldn't get any help from the forum but on this link http://www.perldoc.com/...s-On-the--%23!--Line.

I replaced the -wT switch with -wU switch. The script worked perfectly this way. This works only in Unix environment.

Thanks All.