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Email Trick

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Email Trick
I would like to know if the following is possible....
Note: I am just learning CGI-Scripting and DBMAN is great for a beginner.

I would like to retrieve emails from the database, put them on a form with a checkbox next to each one, so if the user checks the email checkbox, then adds some information when they click to send information - every email that is checked will get emailed the information.

Please help!

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Yes...all that you said is possible. There are already Email Mods written for DBMAN. I would recommend looking at the following web page:


These Mods can be edited to allow almost any other type of thing that you want to do with a mailer routine. For instance, you could add a checkbox, radio button, or drop-down menu in the add form for Email Permission that could be added as another variable to check in my mass email script.

I would recommend first installing either of these Mods and then we can work on enhancing them for your needs.


Eliot Lee
Anthro TECH,L.L.C